Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On Food

Living with diabetes means living with food demons. Whether we like it or not, we are always going to be faced with internal dilemmas of "should I? Shouldn't I? Is it worth it?"

More often than not, my personal philosophy in life is I am a person first, my diabetes comes second. I strongly believe in peoples' choices in their diet should be what they feel comfortable and happy with-not just what nutritionists and others say.

There's nothing worse than food police, truly...except people who loudly police themselves. Dismissive comments about someone who eats high carb, low carb, carb free etc. are the equivalent of bottom feeders in my life. I genuinely do not care what you eat, or how you eat it if it is not giving you any personal difficulties.

Diabetes is setting us up for a life with struggles with food, and there are a lot of people out there making sure that we are totally, and royally confused as to what we should be eating.

I am always welcoming to people who do different experiments and report back. I find Adam at Diatribe  has been level headed when taking on the massive task of switching up his diet, and reporting back. He has been very clear that what works for him doesn't necessarily work for everyone. He has made clear statements that you shouldn't take his word for gospel.

I am thankful for that.

I think we need to take a step back and understand that an individual will know more about his or her own body and how it uses the fuel we feed it than anyone else. Once we open up about this without fear of repercussion to our medical team, we are closer to being on the right track.

So basically everyone just give a big group hug and bring whatever snack you feel like having.


  1. Very well said. I know I can take the (you cannot have this police) but the endless discussion about what others eat drives me bonkers. Geese let’s just be people for a bit. I am often reminded that no one else at a family gathering seem to be talking about what diet they like, ignore, or aspire too. I would rather just enjoy life.

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