Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Not a Recap

I am back from Masterlab and Friends For Life.

It was an incredible experience, again. I don't have the time to write today, as I am back in my office playing catch up.

But....I don't think I want to recap yet. I don't want to write in anything that will make me leak information before I truly savour and decide my feelings on various topics and presentations.

I just wanted to first thank The Diabetes Hands Foundation. Melissa, Mike, Emily, Corinna, and the entire board of directors: Thank you. Thank you for seeing value in me attending the conferences. I am a sponge to information provided by DHF and the presenters throughout the entire conference. I have ideas, big ones. I hope to continue to gain momentum and the guts to push myself further. It truly makes a world of difference for the spirit and for professional goals when you feel valued and I was reminded of that last week. So thank you, I know there are lots of applicants who deserved to be there and I was honoured to represent DHF. Truly.

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