Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#Masterlab: Part two

Part two of my ongoing series about my Masterlab and Friends For Life experience.

While I already blogged about an grand overview of the theme of Masterlab  I think it's important to thank a few people who gave information that I may have already had in my bank, but really needed to share.

When you are living with diabetes, it's amazing how little thought we tend to put in to crafting our message and selling our message. This is a major part of advocacy that seasoned advocates forget to teach to newer, or fresher advocates. I knew the baseline of a lot of what was taught, my graduate studies were in public relations and eventually health care communications- but even with all of my schooling and my professional experience I still learned so much.

Stacey Simms (@staceysimms, Maria Tsaplina (@TheBetesOrg), Amy O'Connor (@Lillypad), thank you for your thoughtful, and dedicated time teaching us on how to craft our story.

-Treat media professionals as humans. Keep in touch, tweet with them, email them to check in, say hi in the supermarket.
-Make sure your story is not only relevant, but interesting to the media and the general public.
-Practice what you need to say. Draft up questions, and answers and practice. In the mirror, the shower- wherever  you can.
-Know your story. This sounds like it is a really basic note, but when I say know your story...I mean really, truly understand what your story is, why you are saying it and maybe more importantly: know your audience. Understand what their interest may be in your story, why should they care, and what is your call to action for them. If you know all of these, your relationship  with your media professional will be that much better.
-Promote the media, and they will promote you.
-Be passionate, emotional and respectful-of everyone around you....but most importantly be interesting.

I want to say: I found the entirety of Masterlab incredibly informative, helpful and motivating. I really did, but nothing prepared me for how I would feel after hearing Emily Coles (Emily doesn't have twitter, but she can be found over at tudiabetes.org)

More on Emily tomorrow.

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