Tuesday, May 19, 2015

FDA Seeks Patient Input

Steve over at happy-medium.net posted about a new FDA draft.

The FDA is seeking patient input on collecting and submitting patient information, so FDA can consider the benefit-risk thinking of patients using medical devices like insulin pumps and CGMs.

The goal of the draft is to bring patient perspectives in to how it considers patient preferences when reviewing the devices we use on a daily basis to control o ur diseases (this of course will stretch past diabetes, as many others live with chronic illnesses managed by devices)

While I am not American, I urge you all to make a comment on the open draft here

Our group has millions of members in it, we can really make some noise if we all do our part in ensuring our preferences, desires and needs are being recognized by national regulating agencies.

Hey Health Canada: Can you hear us? We would love to help you, help us too.

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