Monday, May 11, 2015

Diabetes Blog Week 2015: Day 1- I CAN.

I am participating in Diabetes Blog Week (my THIRD one, whaaaat.) You can learn more about the week here and check out the prompts here. Make sure to give some love to the participants here. This weeks prompt is I CAN.

Man oh man.

The words I can mean something different to everyone, every day, every hour, sometimes every minute.

To some people I CAN can mean they can run a marathon, climb a mountain or swim across the English channel.

To others I CAN can mean they can open their eyes and face the first few hours of the day before going back to bed.

I, personally, can be anywhere in between the two. Thankfully I am mentally and physically well enough that I don't often find myself needing to be in bed during the day, and thankfully I don't feel the need to run marathons or climb mountains (there seems to be a lot of logistics there that I simply care not to deal with.)

I think the importance of the words I CAN will mean something different to everyone, especially when you are living with a chronic illness like diabetes. The best thing to do is embrace it and understand we all have varying levels of I CAN and they are all equally valid.

Here are a few I CANs that I will try today.
-I CAN ignore rude comments from strangers about diabetes
-I CAN compliment a friend or family member today
-I CAN pick up the phone to call a loved one just because
-I CAN win this damn fitbit challenge
-I CAN lay on my deck with a big glass of wine and not feel guilty
-I CAN be a good, empathetic person


  1. Certainly a lot we CAN do, and that's a great little list there at the end from the simple day-to-days -- ones that can be so challenging, but often go overlooked. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. You certainly can do all of that and more. (Although that FitBit challenge is definitely a tough one. But I know you can!)

  3. Great post! Good luck with the FitBit challenge.

  4. Good post and great list of things you can do. When it comes to Fitbit challenges, I always thought that I was competitive but I'm tame compared to some of you:-)

    Also, you are a good and empathetic person who I'm proud to call my friend!

  6. I love the big glass of wine part ;) (I had a 'big glass' in the size of bottle last night.. haha)

  7. Great list! Fitbit challenges are my nemeses :-)

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