Sunday, May 17, 2015

DBlog Week: Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince

I am participating in Diabetes Blog Week (my THIRD one, whaaaat.) You can learn more about the week here and check out the prompts here. Make sure to give some love to the participants here. Today's prompt is.....well I fell off the rail so I am just writing.

I was doing so well.

Wake up, hulk smash breakfast, Slam coffee. Write. Tap tap tap.

Pour heart out on screen. Want to skip posting because what if?

Then Friday happened.

I wanted nothing more than to help Katy over at Big Foot Child Have Diabetes have the most wonderful birthday. Because her blog has brought me joy and laughter and furious nodding of  "me too, me too" and awe and admiration for years. Because last year at the Friends for Life Conference in Orlando I had a full conversation and a meal with Katy, I found her incredibly insightful, charming, hilarious and downright wonderful to be around and I HAD NO CLUE she was the same person who wrote a blog that I follow so closely. She never once mentioned that she writes the funniest diabetes blog in the blogosphere. Geesh.

Funny story, so I was sitting in my cab leaving the conference, heading to the airport last year with Karen (who happened to start this whole blog week thing, so you should know who she is. she is awesome.) And I said to her: "That lady in the sundress with the handsome children, well behaved standing and waiting for a cab, she is really lovely. Do you know her?" And Karen said "Oh that's Katy from Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes." So that's how I found out....driving past Katy waiting by the curb with her adorable family.

ANYWAY, I wanted to give a little something back to Katy on her birthday. She has a perverse love for knowing what people eat (so do I, we have a lot in common actually). But man oh man what a day Friday was.

I was going to meet my brand new endo, so I already had nerves.

I woke up, nice and in range. I ate a piece of peanut butter and banana toast and it all went to hell. I was on day 3 of my infusion site, so it was iffy anyway. But nothing was bringing my sugar down that day. I was high all. day. long. Until that night when I was low.

I didn't eat anything proper all day and I failed. So Katy, here's my promise to day soon I will document everything just for you!

My new endo is amazing. He is young, fresh, and full of empathy. We had a great chat, was surprised that I was a little upset that my A1C was up .4% because it's still really great. But we talked long and hard. I told him about my blog, my advocacy, my job. I told him I am looking for someone who will bend rules a bit to help me fit into the role my diabetes has created. He said he is aggressive with treatments and will stop at nothing to make sure his patients feel like they are getting the best.

He said at one point "Well you're the expert, I am here to help you continue to be the best expert you can be." I choked up. No medical professional, especially not diabetes specialist has ever said that to me. They have never recognized that while our bodies have given up on insulin production we all remain very unique well-oiled machines.

He didn't even care when I said "I don't count carbs, I bolus based on foods, my feelings, my day and sometimes even where the moon is in the sky. So sorry, I don't have a carb ratio." He said....."that makes sense." Which proves, to me that he gets it. He understands that diabetes is more than what is in the books they read in university.

So to have a specialist that will guide me in being the expert...I consider myself lucky.

He is my 4th endocrinologist in 9 years and I guess it's true.

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.

In this case I did not kiss any of my doctors, but I want to kiss this man's feet for committing to help me.


  1. Glad to hear about the new endo and it's always nice to have a new person on your team....

    Katy is definitely a very special person and her blog is fabulous. I always want to go eat dinner at her house because the food she prepares looks delicious. And she is definitely a tiger mom when it comes to her kids:-)

  2. Having a great medical team is the best gift we can have!

  3. Aw, that's awesome you have found a great endo and even more awesome you can open up to him as well as you have! Thanks for sharing!