Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Face of Hope

This is my face approximately 20 seconds before bursting in to tears.

Happiness. Determination. Hope.

I stood with Derek Rapp from JDRFI and chatted.He pulled this small band-aid like piece from  his pocket and offered me to hold it.

It was surreal. This device would fix me. It could fix me. IT WILL FIX ME.

It's so small, I fingered its rounded edges as he talked to me about how important caring is, about diabetes, and about my job. I held on to it, and imagined walking around without a pump, or a bag or glucose tabs.

I imagined putting my running shoes on just because the mood hit me, not because of a roller coaster of diabetes.

Everything came crashing in and my eyes welled up. We snapped the photo and I cried.

Everything came out and Derek wrapped me in a hug and just said "thank you for caring."

When I fundraise now, I am selling hope. More aptly: I am selling the idea of hope.

This is a better future. You may not have diabetes or have loved ones with diabetes. But wouldn't you feel better if we created a world where the burden of a lifelong chronic illness was less?

This was my first moment in my history with diabetes work that I truly felt an end may be in sight. It was a very raw and overwhelming feeling.

I can't do it without you.

Donate, donate, donate.

We can't create this world free of the burden of diabetes without our community.

Please, take a moment and reflect on what this would mean to you, your friends, your loved ones.

It's one less scary thing to face in the future for you.

It's one more thing for me to live for.

If you can not donate, join me. Join my walk team, make your own team, contact your JDRF chapter.

It took a village to get here. It will take many more to keep going.

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