Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Of ankles and pickles

I think diabetes  makes a person in to a control freak.

We need to have control over all of our food intake. And medication. And exercise. And blood sugars. And life. And and and.

So on Monday, a holiday, I set out to take my dog for a nice run, after reducing my basal and eating a nice lunch. (Check, check and check)

My blood sugar was 8.3- Perfect before cardio. (check)

As I took my last step off my front steps, I hit the walkway the wrong way.

Oh, it is a thing of beauty isn't it?
I hear a crunch and a pop.

I face plant on my gravel driveway with a bag of garbage in one hand, that was on its way to the bins, and my dogs leash in the other hand.

I lay for a second, peel the rocks out of my lip and hands....and I feel the all too familiar pain.

It starts to radiate up my leg.

The nausea starts to sweep upward and roll waves over me.

I immediately got up, and hurried the dog inside, I had a matter of minutes before the adrenaline wore off.

I methodically gathered everything important- laptop, blood sugar kit, phone. Threw it all in my living space. 

I iced my ankle. The stupid left ankle.

The swelling begins and my right knee starts to drip blood.

I reset my pump basal and check my blood sugar- 16.4. So it begins.

My friends for the next few days.
Correct and move on.

I watch some Netflix.

It's been two days of this. Fighting swelling, fighting high sugars due to stress on the body. My favourite carb free food? Pickles.

What do pickles do? Cause swelling and water retention.

Full circle.

Damn you ankle. Damn you pickles.


  1. Darling girl, I am so sorry about your ankle!
    I know how frustrating being laid up is, and what it does to both your mind and your body.
    Sending love and healing vibes your way!
    And I'm sorry about the pickles!
    I think I can help there, though. Get someone to go to the store and buy you cucumbers, sesame oil, mirin (rice wine vinegar), sriracha sauce and white sesame seeds.
    Then slice the cucumber length wise, scoop out the seeds, slice the pickle in to 1/2 moon shaped pieces, put in bowl and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
    In another bowl mix the sesame oil, mirin & sriracha and then sprinkle on top of the cucumbers. Normally I also add sea-salt and pepper to taste but that's up to you. Either way, it's tasty and yummy and a free food, sans the high sodium content of pickles.

    1. The irony is I just finished physio after years of achilles tendon problems....which was a result from previous sprains.


      Thanks for the recipe. Sounds yummy!

  2. Wow. I hope the ankle and the pain go away soon. Damned ankle.

  3. You write too well. I could "hear" the crunch and the pop.
    Ow, ow, ow!

  4. I hurt for you just looking at that ankle! Sending big carb free hugs and lots of love.