Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's been awhile

It's been awhile.


It's like time goes through my hands like grains of sand these days. One day it's hot and I want to be on a beach, the next I am folding up capri pants and hanging my winter coat out to freshen up.

Change of season, specifically summer to fall, always makes me feel nostalgic, a little down and always filled with wanderlust. The fall has always been a great part of my life, it's my favourite season (if you were from my neck of the woods and drove down the highway-you would understand why.)

Some of my favourite fall memories are from when I was in university. The anxious feeling of returning to school, scoping out classes and friends and being put under pressure to perform at my absolute best.

This push for perfection always was slated to being in September. I always had a deadline to get myself back in line.

I find myself looking for these lines now. In work, in diabetes care, in mental health care...

I find myself making these lines in the sand for myself. Giving myself the okay to have a few days of feeling down, but recognizing I have to put a little extra effort in to bounce back by said line.

So I am doing that. October was my deadline to get back on the blogging train and do it for me, and for people who have read in the past and really enjoyed it.

October was my deadline, and it's only September.