Wednesday, May 28, 2014

OneTouch Verio IQ Review

It's not exactly a new meter on the market.

Not by a long shot.

In fact, this is my second chance I have given to the Verio IQ. I give it a solid 4/10.

There are some really great features that Lifescan got right with this meter. I think the display and the port light are the two main features that have kept me from going back to my Contour USB meter by Bayer (which, for the record, I adore). Lifescan/Onetouch has had its grips on me for five years first due to my Ping pump and meter combo, and now this damn backlight, I just can't quit.

Unfortunately my positive feelings about the meter stop there. The strips and the battery are probably the two biggest culprits of failure for me. 

How does that even happen? I'll tell you: flimsy strips. These things can not take a beating, at $1 a pop, you would think they would be able to stand up to a little more. You have to be VERY careful when removing these from the bottle, and twice as careful when trying to alight the two little "teeth" with the test strip spot. When you're shaking because your blood sugar is 2.5 and it's 3 am and you're trying not to wake anyone, getting that flimsy strip in just the right spot.....totally infuriating. I have ruined more than my fair share of strips from them bending and breaking so easily. Also, the side fill? for the birds.

I just want to touch on the rechargeable battery for a second. I have to carry a cable around to charge this thing now. If it does when I am out I have the option of charging or having an extra meter on hand. Neither are as easy as having an extra AA battery, or having it be able to charge via directly plugging in to a USB. I don't have space to carry another clunky cable around. 

I don't think this meter was designed by a person who actually had to use it on a daily basis. I think it was designed to look cool--like a cell phone. And while that does have some minor appeal, the fact of the matter is that I believe I speak for most people with diabetes when I say we prefer function over form. 

I may be tossing this guy to the side 300 tests from now. (That's how many strips I have left)


  1. YES!
    no not "yes" as in "awesome that you are annoyed". More like YES because I fucking hate this meter. The flimsy strips and the battery that doesn't last were two big things for me.

    I'm curious though, what did you think about the "accuracy"?
    Cuz I found it to be abysmal and shit. I tested it against my other meters at the time and it was always, I mean ALWAYS (like 97% of the time) to be at least 1mmol up to 3mmol higher than my other meters. consistently. I tested it against a lab draw and it was way higher.

    I kind of hate the verio and I hate even more that everybody seems to think it's the bomb. I think we should blow it up with a bomb. Get rid of it. Useless device.

    1. I have heard a lot about the meter reading higher than most. I personally haven't had that issue though. It seems to be dead on with my CGM most times, but there are times where I question it since it may read 7 and my CGM reads 4 (happened this AM) so I wash my hands and re-test and then it reads 5....


    2. I know "accuracy" is weird for most. Perhaps my other meters read lower most of the times and the verio actually reads "normal" but when I compared it to my lab draw (and I did this every 3 months for a year) it was always the one that was higher. My contour USB always ran lower. The only meter that was almost bang on every time was the freestyle lite which is the only meter I use now.

      but yes.. those flimsy strips! I'm not exactly delicate with my stuff especially my meters. They need to be scully proof and those strips are like paper which make me feel like a big dumb oaf.

  2. Greeeaaatttt..... My insurance just changed in March and the new company will no longer cover my Bayer Contour meter strips. They sent me the strips for this one, the Verio IQ instead. Thankfully I happen to have that meter because I picked one up at a JDRF function, but really? I'm glad I read this and now I am forewarned, but now I'm even more infuriated with the insurance company. Dumb!

  3. Interesting! Thanks for the review...I was curious about it and debating on making a switch but maybe I'll just stick with my Contour for now

  4. 3 out of 4 strips don't work and I do not like the side fill. I am saving all the FUBAR strips and will seek reimbursement. Unreliable product.

  5. I've just bought the thing. My main concern is the accuracy.

    I was feeling hypoglycemic, so I tested with the VerioIQ and with the True2Go that I've been using for a couple years. The Verio gave me a reading of 88, while the True2Go read 64. That's a huge difference, and from the way I felt, the 64 was a lot more likely.

    I like many of the features of the VerioIQ (particularly the thin profile), but if the readings are that far off, it's utterly useless to me.