Monday, May 26, 2014

It takes a village

We always go back to community.

I am a firm believer in the saying "it takes a village" in almost every aspect of my life. I think it applies to raising great children, completing excellent work, creating safe and happy spaces for everyone and of course to diabetes management.

As I am in a frenzy of planning the 2014 JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes for Halifax, I am noticing how important the local diabetes community is to me in my day-to-day life at work. I lean on volunteers, and my peers for advice, support and knowledge every step of the way. Even the largest of tasks, which can seem insurmountable, are made a bit easier by our community.

While I wear several hats at our JDRF chapter my two key responsibilities are planning and executing our walk in Halifax and ensuring our outreach program is successful. I am passionate about both areas of my job, but the outreach is what I think has the most short-term return for the community. I think the fundraising we do for the walk is vital and important, and I wouldn't have a job or probably my pump without funding the research we do, but that outreach program speaks to me.

In a world where we are encouraged to always be better and do better and fetch for ourselves, we are often left to our own devices when planning our own paths to leading healthy and happy lives. I think having a support system is vital to healthy treatment of diabetes.

It's part of why I took this job. I want to ensure that everyone has the option of easily finding their community to better treat their diabetes.

It's more than numbers, food and insulin. The more we say it out loud the more people will believe it.

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  1. You are so right! I would also suggest that both are equally important, but the walk results are much easier to quantify initially, whereas the outreach efforts are really long-term investments that we don't see the results from immediately.