Friday, May 16, 2014


Today's post for #DBlogWeek is supposed to be on Diabetes Hacks, or hacks that make your life a bit easier with diabetes.

I only have one that may, or may not have been mentioned already.

When you use an Inset II infusion set you can save yourself a lot of sharps space.

When you insert your set, and you're left with teh spaceship disc like thing, you can remove the sharp with a set of tweezers. You can dispose of the needle and then recycle the plastic part :)

I have slacked this week. Diabetes took over my life a little bit, I'm good, but I needed to not think about it when I could take the chance.


  1. You didn't slack at all, so don't even give it another thought. And I love this hack, because not only is it saving space in the sharps container, but it's also allowing you to recycle a whole lot more diabetes crap!! Great tip!!

  2. We just switched to what I think is the Animas pump version of this kind of set. I am loving having less trash. No deodorant stick-sized inserter, no problem.

  3. A lot of these "hacks" that I've found to make the job easier are excellent for us because we want to a) spend less time cleaning and more time together, b) combat perfectionism, and c) have a sense of finishing well.combat arm hacks