Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Gym Buddies Don't Go To The Gym

....At least not with me.

A few years ago, while browsing through the diabetes online community I saw something magical. I saw a cluster of tweets (specifically started by Alicia over at Surface Fine) of people simply reporting in on their physical activity for the day. Any physical activity counted, and all attempts and reports were met with cheering and congratulations. A simple tweet, 140 characters, was the motivation that people needed.

The group grew and shrunk, and people reported in. Some trained for a marathon while some trained to walk around the block without running out of breath. How you look doesn't matter, how far you run or how fast you run is about as significant as your shoe colour. What type of activity you do doesn't matter, as long as it is considered activity by you.

The whole point of this group for lack of a better term, is to have somewhere to turn to when you need to celebrate the small stuff and when you need encouragement. Nobody judges anyone in this small group of workout buddies. None of us report on weight loss or inches gained, we report on the true successes: battling ourselves.

We may be briefly quiet and someone may send out a nudge for everyone to check in. Some may report back that they didn't do anything for weeks but a tweet is just what they needed. It provides a non-judgemental, non competitive place for people to maintain accountability to themselves and their diabetes (we have T1, lada, and T2 members!)

So three cheers to my workout buddies, even if we don't work out together! Some days, they're all I have to keep me motivated.

Just a glimpse in to our daily tweets:

Here are the links to the Bloggers who are part of the crew, check them out too!
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