Monday, March 10, 2014

The Dexcom Graveyard

I have written about my love for the CGM technology I have. I have been SO LUCKY that I have had supportive and fabulous friends in the DOC to keep me CGM connected when the option to buy 1) wasn't there and now 2) is not affordable for me.

But, damn.

I am where Dexcom receivers go to die.

I am currently on my 4th receiver in just over a year! FOUR.

One fell out of my panier bag on a bike ride.

And the other two that died? They just.....died. Out of nowhere they had some sort of internal failure I got a weird screen and then...death. Bricked. Really fancy paper weights.

The thing is, and some people mentioned this: maybe I just don't need one?

But I do, you see. I need it like I need my insulin pump. Yes, I can manage my diabetes without these tools, but they make my life easier, they make me feel better with less drastic swings in blood sugar. So it's hard when these things brick on me.

I have revived an older receiver I got from a friend and am now wishing and hoping the random "system recovery checks" don't go too fast.

On the bright side I am due for a new pump and I intend to upgrade to the Animas Vibe asap. Hopefully that doesn't brick too.

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  1. Man, I wish I could just send a new Dex to you. But, I can't. Hope the borrowed one works out.