Monday, March 31, 2014


Today I had a scary low. I have been debriefing it in my head but I just need to write about it so it is out of my head.

I had skipped breakfast because I wanted to do some morning basal testing.

6.3 was my sugar-basals are looking ok.
Then my printer called and my order was ready.
Then while I was at the printer, someone called for a last minute meeting. I glanced at the lunch I had picked up that was on my passenger seat and decided I would eat at my meeting. Thankfully the man I was meeting with has a kid with T1D so he was very accommodating.
As we chatted, I ate. I was dizzy, my heart was racing, but I just focused on eating my salad with hummous and chicken and getting my work done.
I finished my meal and realised I was getting seriously nauseated. This is a new and awful symptom of a plummeting sugar for me. I checked and I was 1.8. Dangerous. Dangerously low. I had just polished off around 65g carbs and had also bolused about 20 mins previous.

I was in the weeds.

I opened two of my portable honey packs and slurped them down while taking notes. I find if I am low that trying to focus on something will help me not panic. Massive bouts of anxiety are also a new low symptom for me. So I methodically swished the honey around my mouth while nodding and taking notes.

The nausea was getting worse, but thankfully the meeting had ended. We chatted for a few minutes and we parted ways.

I checked my sugar again before driving and I was 4.2, which meant I was ok and rising. I drove back to my office and the nausea at this point was almost making me pull my car over to vomit. I took small sips of the can of regular root beer I had purchased between my meeting and my walk to my car just in case the honey wasn't enough. I knew my sugar was going to be ok, but the nausea.

The nausea was almost unbearable.

I got back to my office and excused myself to the washroom. My lunch, honey and root beer and I parted ways.

My sugar at this point was 7.4. I was worried I might plummet again, without all the carbs I had bolused for, so I reduced my basal and drank a lot of water.

I came around after a litre of water. Mys ugar has crept up to 11.9, but I feel awful. Not high awful, awful like my body saved me.

Awful like my body took a beating that I never meant to give it.
Awful like my brain was in starvation mode and my body wanted to shut down.
Awful like my hormones tanked. Something unusual happened with my body today during that low. I have never vomited from a low blood sugar. I have recently been nauseated with lows but never this bad.

Something happened and I didn't like it.

Note to self: no more basal testing for awhile.


  1. oh Alanna that is utterly, hideously, AWFUL! I don't even know what to say. Perhaps it was just everything compounding at once. You know I'm no stranger to nausea.... I live with it almost 24/7. Lows give me anxiety and nausea.. .just last night I had to take gravol because after treating my low with simple dex I felt like a bag of assholes.

    I wish that didn't happen to you but I'm really glad it didn't end worse (not that it wasn't WORSE enough) I'm glad the purging didn't cause your bg to tank harder.

    I hope you are feeling better today!

    1. Yeah I feel fine now. My bg was 22 last night. I can only assume my liver is just as lazy as my pancreas and was super delayed in responding. I rage bolused and slept. Woke up at 5 so I am feeling ok now.


  2. How scary!!! I'm so sorry you went through this. And isn't it so infuriating how diabetes can just start throwing us new low symptoms out of the blue?

    Sending big hugs!