Friday, November 1, 2013


I took a hiatus. I don't have much of a reason as to why I took a hiatus, just a genuine lack of inspiration. I found myself questioning who would really care about XY and Z in relation to my diabetes.

I had a give away, and aside from one comment asking not to be given the prize, I did not even get a chance to give away a prize. I blog to potentially help other people with diabetes feel a little less along, I blog as a form of catharsis, a way to keep me on my toes, and as a way to stay connected to other people with diabetes. But for some reason my inspiration and passion about advocating for people with diabetes dwindled when I started to see my readership crash. I admit it, people actually reading the blog is important to me as well. I don't think the comments or shares or likes matter by comparison, but if nobody is reading then should I be putting the time and effort into telling my story?

Enough about my though processes. It is November! It is the month where I have to slog through my self-centeredness, and help spread awareness and knowledge, to help empower and share. Now is my time to come out of my cave!

SO go forth other bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers and real-lifers.

I am going to try and make my self take this cathartic route and keep pushing for us this month.

How are you?


  1. You should do what you feel comfortable doing. If you want to blog, go for it. If you're not inspired, don't feel compelled to do so. You come first, and this blog shouldn't become an unpleasant chore. (We do like having you around, of course... don't take it the wrong way!)

    But just to let you know -- I am here and I am reading!

    1. I am, without a doubt, my own worst critic. Whenever I look back on my drafts I think "but so and so has already done that angle, a million times."

      I really believe finding the blogging community and the twitter friends helped pull me out and keep me out of a major burn out, so I am trying to trudge through that again.

      It's a tough time! It's not a chore as much as me questioning myself too much.

      I LOVE writing and LOVE reading blogs, I just have to let myself post what I need to post and move on!

  2. I'm here and reading too! I'm just super behind on my reading and my writing as I haven't touched my blog since August.

  3. I'm reading. Didn't comment on the giveaway, because I really don't need another glucose meter. :)

  4. I love reading your blog! I'm super behind reading but I'm still here! My blog hasn't been written on in a while either but I have a ton of ideas swimming around in my head. Just need to find time to put them down. In the meantime I'm playing catch up & I'm so very glad that you're back!!!!