Monday, November 11, 2013

A Dexcom Break

I am taking a break from using my Dexcom.

You see, Dexcom sensors are still not available in Canada. I have been sent some and purchased some from friends and have stock piled them. I tape and re-tape and stick every sensor down to the point that they hurt.

A continuous glucose monitor is an incredible tool, in the year I have had access to it my A1C had dropped from 8.4 to 6.1. I know that at night I am either low or high and I have very VERY rarely had a night where I am not one or the other, despite fine tuning my basal rates. I learn so much.

However, I need  to take a break. I need to break from the constant reminders, the tape, the marks all over my body. I have four sensors remaining.

Dexcom has been approved by Health Canada, as has the Animas Vibe. However that was in August. As of November, I am still hearing it will be a "few months" until either the G4 or the Vibe will be available to the market. So once that hurdle is done, there will be the hurdle of the insurance. Not only that, it has been 1.5 years since I have been on the wait list at my endocrinologists office. I would push more for an appointment there, but I find the 4 hour wait for a 10 minute appointment where I have to re-introduce myself every time a complete waste of time.

The hurdles that we have to go over just to take proper care of ourselves is astounding. The fact that I have to start considering how to get into my doctor, to get her to write a letter of medical necessity, to get my insurance to maybe approve a life-extending's exhausting.

So, I am trying to reserve the supplies I have. It has been two days that I have been disconnected. I noticed I don't recognize how my highs or lows feel and have confused the a few times in the past few days. But, it is what it is. It's the hand I have been dealt. I have to keep pushing.


  1. This really pisses me off. I can sense your frustrations because it feels like I'm feeling them too. Anytime they introduce something new it just takes forever and a fucking day to get to Canada. Delays, delays, delays. ALWAYS! it's so frustrating when millions of people just across the border are taking advantage of the awesome technology.

    It makes me irate actually.

    1. hehe well maybe by the time it gets to Canada ya'll be able to fucking afford it! lol.. Here in the US I was "supposed to" pay $90 for a box of 4 sensors, which mysteriously turned into $180 (not to mention the $600+ start-up fees) which only amounts to me owing a shit-ton of cash with no dexcom sensors... good luck <3

  2. I'm a Canadian living and working in the US. I tend to visit Onterrible twice a year, and I want to visit Hellifax a little more in the future. If there's anything I can do/bring/send once over the border and without customs sniffing at it, let me know.

  3. Dexcom G4 was released in Canada yesterday (November 25th). I called Animas placed my order and should get it today or tomorrow. The long wait is over!