Monday, September 23, 2013

Super-Elite Club

I love when people post photos of their CGM graphs.

I feel more connected with people when they do. Especially the new Dex G4 graphs, because I can look at their graph and gauge how that person felt, physically at any point during the time at which the photo was taken. It feels like an intimate glance into someones life.

For example the other day I felt like this:

And just by looking at that you probably know that I was pretty tired, maybe rage-bolused and was a little frustrated. But it's like it is code that only people living with diabetes can decipher. People who are affected by diabetes (Type awesomes, d-parents etc) can certainly understand what the waves mean and why they happened, but only our super-elite club truly knows how someone feels on days like that.

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  1. I like this post. That's exactly how I feel when I see a CGM graph. It's like I'm on the ride with someone, and I want it to turn out well. Thanks