Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Diabetes in the news

I took a brief blogging break. I had some personal stuff to do, and now it is done and dealt with and I am back in the saddle!

It's been an exciting time here in Nova Scotia. Our provincial election has been called (which had been on the line for a long time). That may not seem like a big deal to diabetes, but this past year, thanks to public pressure, Nova Scotia government put in place a plan for young people with diabetes to have access to provincially funded insulin pumps, depending on their financial need. (up to age 19 eligible for full coverage, up to 25 supplies only). It's not an amazing plan, the financial requirements are very stringent, the age limits make no sense and it took a LONG time and a looming election to get off their asses and live up to the promise made at election time.

It was a tireless effort trying to get the NDP to commit to the very promise they made. It took demonstrations, trips to political party offices, meetings, petitions, and a lot of wasted press time. It was tiring. But it happened, and I am grateful the ball is rolling.

The NDP again committed to developing further a diabetes action plan. Almost 100k Nova Scotians live with diabetes (99% T2) so the plan is important considering the size of our province.

However, the Liberal party has also committed to a diabetes care plan, including the extension of the pump program to include people up to age 25. Lovely. I guess T1 goes away at 25, or at that age we all magically have $7k to throw around.

Mix in our disastrous employment rate after post-secondary, and the student loan debt the average working adult over 25 has....it doesn't make sense. No parties are doing enough.

No parties are answering questions with solid answers.

I won't be voting NDP because of the disaster of a few years they have caused my province (outside of the pump program.)

I may vote liberal, but I have yet to hear back from my representative. My NDP representative has ignored me. It's a trying time, trying to be engaged is HARD.

Moving right along.

Is there anything worse than a national diabetes association using the term "diabetes-friendly"?

Today the Canadian Diabetes Association posted the following status:

"What is your favourite diabetic-friendly recipe?"

This could mean so many things and it means nothing at all at the same time. For an organization that is supposed to be on our side, fighting the same fight we are against misinformation, misguided public information and stigma, they are failing miserably. This term is offensive, and archaic plain and simple. That term should have been washed away when we realized that people with diabetes don't need to have two starches, one protein, one fruit, one fat and as many free choices as they want at a meal.

It has been questioned by a few advocates, and it remains unanswered. I just sent a tweet out to a few local employees, one being a communications person who I admire. I hope that I can at least open a dialogue on why the verbiage for the CDA needs to change.

In other, other news:

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