Friday, September 6, 2013

Carbs and Weight(s)

Yesterday, I read this great article on That site is a really wonderful female-written feminist humor site that gets me giggling a lot.

They have a regular column (can it even be called that?) about fitness written by a Nicole Cliff, in which the author describes her personal journey to being super strong as a woman in a world where we are expected to be slender. To be honest, I don't know what the author's body looks like, and I don't really care. What she does is wonderful and her dedication to her fitness is inspiring. The website strays away from talking about body weight and body image primarily because it's shitty for most women, no matter what their size.

Or, in a quote from the article: "We have made the deliberate decision not to really talk about things like body image and weight on the site, because there’s already so much of it out there, and even when it’s well done, it just generally becomes either an echo chamber or bums people out, and we’re happy with that choice, but it’s also something I don’t want to completely ignore in our fitness coverage, because the universe is as it is."

So basically it's awesome. However one piece in the article really made me think.

"It’s 5000% times easier to put on muscle while feeding yourself properly. You don’t have to eat Gummi bears, just lots of wonderful food. And that can be a hard thing to do. If you’re used to having some kind of internal calculator for the food you put in your mouth, whether it’s points or calories or carbs or what, deliberately eating a little more than you “need” can be hugely emotionally difficult" 

It's so true! It's why I think Weight Watchers is awful, calorie counting apps are hurtful, and why carb counting is just so damn hard to do sometimes. Because if I am eating 70 grams of carbs and 30g of fat with 25g of protein in a giant ass bowl of beef fried quinoa and eggs, vs a big mac...Weight Watchers and calorie counting apps will see them relatively equal! (I know Weight Watchers claims they're different because it's points, and veggie dishes are generally free yadda yadda). Don't get me wrong i still eat shit food. I am not here to tell people how to eat because that's up to them and them only to make that choice, but to read this information it really put into light why I am struggling with the sheer AMOUNT of food I have to eat to build the muscle i want which will in turn maybe or maybe not burn the excess fat I have.

Carb counting is not something that we as people with diabetes can just...stop doing. It's something that we have to not only constantly do, but do really well. Our life quite literally depends on our carbohydrate balance vs. insulin.

It's all such a touchy subject, and I think the article just explained it all so well. Go ahead, I am done, read the article here :)


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  1. Thanks for sharing that article. It was cute and funny to read for a change.
    I agree with everything you wrote and always felt the whole point system was ridiculous. All food is not created equal!