Sunday, August 4, 2013

Packing with Diabetes

I am not known to pack light, but I am usually the person that forgets key clothing items like a sweater, jeans, socks etc when I travel.

How is this possible you think?

Well for one I always pack about 35 seconds before my planned departure time because I am THAT organized. And secondly, my main focus, always, is making sure I have enough medical supplies in case anything happens: ANYTHING. I pack: glucagon, two vials of backup insulin, box of strips, twice my infusion sets, batteries, glucose tabs, sticky pads, reservoirs, syringes etc.

My biggest fear is running out of supplies. Maybe it's some sort of anxiety,  because I know I overpack. But I am just the person that something would happen if I forgot an item.

You wouldn't believe that I am only visiting my parents 400km away for the weekend would you?

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  1. I am so much a 53sec before I leave packing person! I end up overpacking b/c I just start throwing things in "just in case" I missed something. I end up getting places with things like three toothbrushes... but, of course, no toothpaste.
    When I was moving, and traveling a lot, I started to just keep a bag packed with the staples (incl. sock and undies, D supply staples, toothbrush, paste, deodorant, alarm clock!, etc.)... and I have a box at my mom's house with jammies, socks, undies, and basic supplies (in case I forget something!)
    And of course, there is a bag always in my car with all of the same!
    Pack rat? You bet!!

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend with your family, with everything you needed.

  2. I am only visiting my parents 400km away for the weekend would you? moving company