Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Of insulin and heroes

Today I have taken a total daily dose of 94 units. I have only eaten 36 grams of carbohydrate.

94 units will usually cover me at least two days, so what gives?

Something happened in my body at 12am this morning. I don't know what, but my body just decided today was not a day it felt like absorbing insulin.

I cranked a temporary basal up to 150%, I corrected, corrected and then corrected again. I walked a few blocks at a super fast pace & changed my cannula. I drank three litres of water, I did not eat a bite (despite really wanting to!)

It was of those days. I can't sleep when my sugar is high. A lot of people tell me that's all they want to do, but I get short of breath, I need to pee and my bones start to ache when my sugar goes up. So, yeah i didn't sleep well last night.

As I was sitting on the bus this morning, my pump told me I have a low cartridge. At the rate I was going through insulin I was worried. I usually have an extra bottle of insulin around at all times, but for SOME reason WHEN I DESPERATELY NEED IT, I didn't have one.

I had to put my tail between my legs and call on T. to bring me one from home. He wasn't overly impressed but barely said a word since well..I need it. It's not like I could go buy another since I just had it filled (and my pharmacy is super far from work anyway) and I couldn't just...go without. I am so thankful he is so supportive.

My co-worker asked me what I would have done if he wasn't here/at work. I began to list a number of people I could have called for an emergency pump fill (my real life diabetes community), but it all would have involved a lot of traveling around the city on my limited time, not to mention....for some reason NovoRapid isn't widely prescribed here and I would have been using Humalog...not that it really matters to me. Ultimately I would have gone home if need be, but I didn't want to skip out of work when I am so extremely busy..

So yeah, I am thankful that my sugar is now 5.9 (as opposed to the steady 15-19 I was running all night.) I am thankful to have a superwonderfulawesomeamazing partner who barely flinched when I was in need (yes, he does read this blog and no i didn't say that just because he reads), and I am also thankful that I had backup to my backup.


  1. Prescribing practices are funny, it's mostly NovoRapid used here where I'm from.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Dude... yes.

    This sounds pretty normal for a life with T1 which is really sad. it shouldn't be normal for any of us!
    Glad you have backups to your backups. I'm sorry you struggled.