Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I wish the hormones were as temporary as the basals.

It's the last week of the month, and that means two things

1) I mourn quietly inside me that the darkness of winter is coming. I am saddened by that. Nothing makes me happier than warm sun. I hate winter. With a passion. Nothing about it satisfies any part of me, unless there is such a huge snow storm that it shuts the whole city down (because that's the only way I get a day off.) And thanks to all my predecessors insisting on CFCs and spray can cheese, I can safely say that those snow storms never happen any more. Anyway, yes, summer is nearly through. I won't have to face winter until Fall is done. And I do love fall. I love it so much. It would be my favourite season if Winter didn't follow it, but it gets the bad rep because I HATE WINTER. the older I get the more I wish to hibernate and never see a flake of snow. Perhaps time to move to Texas, or Arizona.

2) It also means that no matter what, my insulin resistance has bounced so high I have lost sight of it in the final rays of the summer's sun. Since Saturday I have been running at least 100-150% temp basals, dropped my carb ratio in half and have corrected via syringe. It's getting to be a real hassle, my head hasn't stopped pounding so bad that I can taste colours since Sunday, and I am bloated and hungry. Always. Perhaps the hunger is hormonal, perhaps it's in retaliation to the MASSIVE amounts of insulin I am taking (I mean, I am talking about a daily pump refill, which is NOT normal for me. I need to get in to my endo to discuss this. It is so noticeable that my normal 7 day average in the month of august was 6.2 and for the past 4 days it is 11.9.  I have taken my Dexcom off since I can't deal with the emotional strain the numbers take on me, when I see them all the time.

Oh, is it Friday yet?

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  1. Alanna, sorry about the sucky numbers. Diabetes does not play fair. I hope the rest of the week is better. Incidentally, I feel the same way about winter.