Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Day

Today I had my first session of hopefully many with a kick ass new trainer/friend. Her name is Ali and she blogs about her life at

So I will back up a little bit. I met Ali first at our JDRF Walk in June, albeit briefly. She was there with her kickass supportive boyfriend and seemed very sweet. Anyone who was going to volunteer for JDRF is good in my books. Then, on Thursday past we met again at our T1 Dish and Dine event (a meet up for adults living with T1/LADA.) We chatted over hot dogs and french fries, she is a very warm person, so I was totally comfortable in talking to her about her career.

Here's how our convo went:

Me: "So what do you do?"
A: "Oh, I am a fitness instructor"
Me: "Awesome. So where do you do that?"
A: "Stadacona" (in Halifax talk: that's the military base.)
Me: *jaw drop*

That's a totally bad ass job. Training military dudes must not be easy. A lot of them are in elite physical shape, so she must be to keep up with them. As the evening went on, I also learned that she is running a 10K in Reykjavik, Iceland in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association. So I pretty much love her now. Especially after learning she is just past her 1 year diaversary and is taking everything with a grain of salt. Her outlook on life is amazing! A lot of people initially feel very defeated by diabetes, but not her. I think it has a lot to do with her kickass boyfriend (from what I gather and the short time I met him) being a quadriplegic, helping her perspective and "poor me" attitude sort of slide.

So I mentioned how I have been needing the extra push and help with training and she told me anytime. The next day I had her booked for tonight.

I was definitely more excited than nervous. I have been to trainers before, and to have someone who knew exactly what I felt like when working out, blood sugar-wise was so so important to me. She is totally the type of person I need at the gym. Not someone yelling at me, or drilling me. I don't like group classes, or running on a treadmill and I am bored by fitness machines. Being fat at the gym is hard work mentally, physically and emotionally and she seems to get that. I did things that were extremely hard and rewarding. I really, really want to do things right form-wise so they are the most beneficial to my body and my mind. I took all of her advice in, and asked a lot of questions.

I feel good after it all. It was nice to sit down with her after everything was done and be able to check my blood sugar, and have her toss me dex tabs when I needed them. My basal adjustments will have to be tinkered with, and that's ok too. She is giving me tips of bolusing and basals according to the type of exeercise I do and I totally trust what she is saying vs. someone without diabetes. Having her next to me, holding my Dexcom while I work out, ready to tell me when I am headed south bgwise is just what I need to get over the anxiety of being low, and replenishing too many calories I am working hard to burn off.

All in all it has been a very positive experience. Thanks, Ali. I definitely will be booking you again asap!


  1. Wow. Colour me flattered! Thanks for the kind words Alanna! And you're welcome for the butt kicking!!