Monday, July 29, 2013


It goes a little something like this.

I'm typing typing typing away at work. Doing my job like it's nobody's business ant then it hit me. My stomach growled. My head just dipped and my eye lids dripped with lead.

I checked my blood sugar and it told me I was 3.8.

Now just an hour earlier I was 11.7 and I gave my usual correction. So judging by that number I was plummeting.

I went through my purse and pulled not one but two empty Dex tubes AND an empty juice box. So I went through my work snack drawer which had only a protein bar and some expired soft cookies (note to self: re-stock)

I went to the kitchen. I knew the work fridge had cans of regular cola, but I didn't want that amount of calories.

Suddenly the room got dark and a light shone on the table.

There were communal Jelly Beans left! I dumped the remaining contents into my hand and counted ten beans. All lemon and orange ( least favourites)

By my calculation 10 beans had 18g of carb so that should have kept me fine until I got home with a basal reduction of 30%.

I was so happy to find those Jelly beans.

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  1. I could totally see this play out - like it was a movie or something. "...the room got dark and a light shone on the table... and angels cried out Halleluja!"