Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Enjoy Sun With Diabetes

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 Kerri is insightful and hilarious.  
While we don't ever let diabetes get in our way of having a good time, it's important to be mindful of what is happening to the goods that keep us good, while we are out enjoying the sun.

I have made a list of awesome tips that you should listen to and use them like gospel,because I am super and may or may not know that these things are important from learning the hard way.

1. Wear sunscreen. Sunburns are a stress on the body, and a sunburn may cause your blood sugars to rise or fall rapidly.

2. Drink water! Did you know that staying hydrated not only keeps your body cool, but insulin is more effective when you are properly hydrated? Also, if you wear a CGM your readings will be more accurate. Try adding slices of fruit, crystal light etc to your water. Sparkling water and sports drinks work too if you're into that. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

3. At the beach? Bury your insulin and meters, or toss it in the cooler with your mommy juice (aka beer and wine spritzers. Not that you'd drink those at the beach...........) So, logic tells us to keep our insulin cool, but at the beach that can be difficult. If you have a cooler, stash your 'slin in it of course. If  you don't have a cooler, dig a hole in the sand under your blanket until you can feel the sand get cool and damp. Throw your slin/pump in a baggie/wrap it and bury it. Just make sure you can remember where you dug. As an Animas pump wearer I wear my pump when I go swimming, so it cools the insulin off with me.

4. Get a Frio

5.Don't forget your meter! Test often and keep it cool. Heat can cause strange things to happen to blood sugars, and we may not feel highs or lows when our body temperature rises. Make sure you store your meter with your insulin somewhere cool and dry to prevent it from overheating.

6. Eat Ice cream. Because: ICE CREAM.

What other tips do you have for the summer heat and diabetes?


  1. Toss the insulin if you've been outside in the bloody heat all day (and/or change out pump)
    So many times I'm all like, I just wanna see how long I can make it last even when i can tell it's shit.
    Cooked insulin is mostly just ineffective.
    I don't test it now. If I've been out like ALL day with a pen in my jersey pocket facing the sun I ditch it at the end of the day.

  2. I'd never heard of the Frio, but that's pretty awesome. Just yesterday I was worried about keeping my insulin in my car when it was 90 degrees out and so I threw it in a pretty big insulated lunch bag with a ice pack, but the Frio would be so much easier, thanks for sharing!

  3. I just wrote about the heat and insulin thing today too. And glucagon (hopefully, we'll never need it) goes skunky even sooner than insulin. Thanks for sharing. Because: ICE CREAM.