Friday, July 26, 2013

A Fond Farewell

Today I bid a fond farewell.

The sweet, sweet Dexcom my friend has given me to replace the receiver I lost in April

My friend lent me his Dexcom under the promise that I would give it back with a few sensors. Not. A. Problem. People have been so kind in selling me their remaining 7+ sensors I had no problem sharing the wonderful warmth I felt from the DOC. Today he request it back as he was going to start training for a marathon. I am so proud of my friends with diabetes who do shit like this!

My receiver was lost when I went for a bike ride. I put it in my bag as I usually do, only to discover there was a hole in the bag. I traced my steps around the neighbourhood several times. The 7+ receiver looks like a cool electronic, so I am sure some neighbourhood kids found it and kept it to play with

I have come to be comfortable with the Dexcom. It definitely wasn't 100% accurate, but the trends really helped me fine tune my basal rates, my A1C dropped .5% from 6.8 to 6.3, I slept soundly at was an all round positive experience.

I am so grateful for the kindness that was extended to me originally when I was desperate. And for the kindness that kept pouring over me over the past 7 months. I just wish that I didn't have to plea for the supplies.

When I tweeted about this earlier my friend Jenn brought up a very valid point: Hasn't Health Canada approved Dexcom in Canada? Well...yeah they have. But when I go on the Dexcom website I can't purchase a system. When I call they don't want anything to do with me as a client as they are apparently in talks with getting it distributed.

Now here's what I do know: the Animas Vibe is also going through the Health Canada red tape. I believe that Animas Canada is going to be the distributor for the Dexcom G4 and launch it AFTER the Vibe to encourage more people to upgrade or switch to the Vibe....which, don't get me wrong, I will be doing no matter what.

I just wish that Pharma companies didn't have this kind of power of the health and well being of so many people. At this point I strongly believe it's a marketing ploy. As someone who works on the business side of marketing...I totally get it. I just wish it wasn't the way it had to be.

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  1. Sorry you have to wait so long for something that's obviously so helpful. I sympathize with your withdrawal symptoms. I had to give back a G4 over the weekend that I was using temporarily.