Sunday, June 2, 2013

Splenda is not pronounced SUGAR

So it's no secret to anyone that knows me, knows that I love coffee. I especially love iced coffee in the summer, it's my favourite pick me up in the summer.

This weekend its been around 30-40 degrees celcius in my town (high 90s in the farenheit) so my iced coffee break today was welcome!

I went to Mcdonalds to partake in the $1 iced coffee bonanza. When I ordered I said "Medium iced coffee with milk and a splenda" Th egirl rang in one sugar and milk (they have those fancy order boards) so I said "I actually said splenda not sugar." She nodded and looked at the girl who was making my coffee (she was about half way through) and said "sweetener not sugar." So the girl making the coffee dramatically trashed the one she was making and began a new one. They gave me the coffee and I said "splenda, right?" and they agreed. I drove away and it was particularly delicious! I drank the whole thing and carried on, when all of the sudden my dexcom alarmed me I was running high.

Yeahhhhhhh. That wasn't sweetener. Unsweetened coffee dooesn't do that to me.

This ruins a full 48 hour no hitter.



  1. ahh! that's the worst! 48 hours though! That's pretty awesome!!

  2. I've had that happen to me before (I suspect). Also, you never know how much of the sweetener (or milk/cream, for that matter) they'll really put in. I'm trying to remember to ask for the packets of Equal (my personal preference) rather than having them put it in, but I've not done too well with that.

    But 48! That's a great run!

  3. oh hell yes.

    I don't drink coffee sweetened any more and I think the reason I started doing that was to avoid mistakes like that.

  4. Oh I hate that!! I'm so paranoid when I order coffee anywhere for just this reason! I like the idea of asking for the Splenda packets on the side, but I always forget to do that! I've been making coffee on my Keurig at home pretty much everyday to avoid this. The iced coffee k-cups are pretty good too!

  5. Dude - that SUCKS! What a way to blow a long string of great! Wouldn't piss you off so bad if it was your fault, right? But to have a perfect stranger goof it up... man.