Tuesday, June 4, 2013

House Purchase: Before the Reno

T and I closed our home today! We did it! We have been working together for two years saving and planning and today arrived...FINALLY!

We are so happy. We see a lot of potential in the esthetically repulsive house we purchased. I plan on doing 3 blog posts during the initial renos.

The house! We need to care for the exterior obviously. There has been no love given to it lately.

This is the "dining room" bay window and patio door. Please note the wall colour...HIDEOUS.

This is the entryway from the Kitchen, including living room bay window.

This is the hallway..obviously.

The main bathroom. Pretty standard/builders grade. We won't be re-doing this yet...but it's coming eventually.

Upstairs bedroom. This will be our office/hobby room.

The other view of the hobby room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom closet. Say bye bye to those fake shitty shelves

The entryway. Can you believe people actually lived in a house this dirty? Look at the carpet on the stairs. GAG.

The stairs from the basement point of view

This is towards the storage room (left) and the guest room (right)

The guestroom....oi vey. They left a can of that paint. Anybody want it?! Gross.

Guest bedroom second view.

This will be our storage room. Its pretty gross. There are cigarette ashes everywhere, dents and dings and musty carpet. Can't wait to tear it up.

View into the hallway from the storage room.

The rec room from the entry

The rec room from the back of the house

Rec room from the front of the house!

This is our current laundry closet....we plan on re-doing this area next year and making it bigger.

Downstairs bathroom. BARF. I cleaned (bleached) almost the rest of the house, but I just couldn't do this. Not today. It was just too much.

Storage space under the stairs

Getting set up for the renos!

The back deck

The back yard! JUNGLE.

the underneath of the patio.....after I spent an hour cleaning it. Once a centipede dropped on my head I was out of there. I will tackle it later.

Sideway....there's a path there. Can't wait to get the whipper snipper in there.

So there you have it! We are excited....and very tired after ripping all the carpet up from upstairs and literally drenching the hard surfaces in bleach. I wish I could put into words how dirty it was.

As a diabetes-related note to myself: lower basals by about 50% when doing work. I would rather not be below 3.0 all day!


  1. Congratulations on the house! Other than some painting and carpet replacing (or cleaning) it looks really nice and in good shape. Hope you enjoy it for years to come.

    The 50% basal seems about right (maybe even less!). Just don't be like me and forget to set it until two hours after you've started working...

  2. WTF is with that ORANGE shit?!
    who in their right mind.....

    CONGRATS... it looks GREAT and lots of space!