Saturday, May 25, 2013

My #dayofdiabetes

Today I will be live-tweeting the decisions and thought processes that go into my day-to-day life of living with type one diabetes.

Some basic words you may need the definition of as I go on:

Basal: when I say basal rate I am referring to the "background" insulin my pump delivers to me. I get a different amount based on the time of day and sometimes I tweak and adjust this based on blood sugars, activity etc.

Bolus: This is the amount of insulin I program my pump to give when I eat carbohydrate, or have a high blood sugar.

#bgnow: Is referring to my blood sugar at that point. My target range is between 4.0 and 8.0. Below or above is considered low or high in my personal treatment plan. Every person is different. You may see me tweet a picture with a #bgnow in the hundreds. That is because I am using a Dexcom 7+ continuous glucose monitor which uses American blood sugar readings. I will probably convert it to Canadian. (which is dividing the number on the screen by 18)

So that's what I have for now.

You can follow along at @alannaswartz

I will also be storifying the tweets tomorrow!

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