Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#DBlogWeek Day 2: We, the Undersigned

23 years x 365 days= 8395 days

8395 days  x 8 pokes a day= 67,160 finger pokes.

Sixty seven thousand one hundred and sixty.

That's how many times I have punctured you, dear fingertips. That's an average. I am willing to bet that it is even more considering sick days, pump site failures, low blood sugars and more. I am also willing to bet I haven't changed my lancet even a quarter of the amount I should have.

This isn't a petition to make you stop doing anything.  It's a petition from people with diabetes to encourage you to keep doing what you're doing while we mildly abuse you, because without you we would be having a hard time.

We, the undersigned, are signing this as a declaration of love and admiration for the accuracy you provide us. We are signing stating we will only poke the sides of our fingers to spare your delicate nerves. We are signing to let you know that we will rotate fingers more often even though we all have our favourite. We, the undersigned promise to keep you healthy and moisturized and clean.

Here's where the petition part comes in though. We, the undersigned are requesting your assistance in not building up callouses. We, the undersigned have been living with some form, or treating some form of diabetes for awhile. And while we, the undersigned hear from our health care team to do it every time, we just don't change our lancets.

Dear fingertips, it's not you, it's us. So please bear with us and accept this petition to make your skin more pliable to our bad habits.


We, the undersigned.


  1. It takes a certain kind of person to recognize that scratching their fingerTIPS across the blackboard can be more irritating than fingerNAILS on a blackboard. I, and my fingertips, fully support this petition!

  2. I love this petition! I'm right there with you when it comes to not changing my lancets. I really could use a petition like this to remind myself to take a break from my "favorites" and rotate more. I'd sign it!

  3. Oh our poor little fingertips. Great petition!