Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 3 of #DBlogweek: Memory

A lot of my memories involve diabetes somehow. That's how it is when you live with Type 1 for most of your life. Decisions you make, decisions your parents made, feelings, scents and periods of time are usually related to some point in your life in which you were living with diabetes.

The memory I am talking about happened very early in my diabetes life. In fact I think that it was the very first time I realized that being a kid with diabetes might be hard.

My dad was taking me to my appointment to see my doctor and get my blood work done. I remember sitting on his lap, absolutely petrified of having to get a needle take blood out of me. Dad tried to distract me by telling me he had a surprise for me after my appointment.

So I got my blood taken quickly, and was ushered into the elevator up to see the doctor. In the elevator dad started bouncing up and down out of excitement for my upcoming surprise. All of the sudden, the elevator came to a quick halt. I looked at dad, he looked at me with locked knees and quickly told me everything was going to be fine. He pressed the emergency call button and we were told the firemen were on the way. I was scared and a little traumatized, but he reassured me. In between reassurances he slipped in a request that I not disclose to the firemen or my mom that it was him that was fooling around and potentially causing the elevator to stop.

We got out, did our doctor's visit and then he took me to a hockey game as part of my "surprise". It was an eventful day, and my first memory of diabetes really shaping the way the day was laid out.

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