Friday, May 24, 2013

A unicorn took a glitter what?

So I have been debating with myself at trying a new infusion set lately.

When I made the switch to my Animas Pump from my Medtronic last year, I wanted to try all of the infusion sets to get a feel for what I really like.

I had already used the Silhouette Set on Medtronic in my early pumping days and I HATED the insertion. I couldn't ever get it at the right angle or anything of the sort so I nixed the Animas version of said set immediately.

I did, however, want to try the Inset 30 set, as it provided the angled insertion with an inserter so I couldn't screw it up. I didn't like it. It was clunky, the inserter was hit or miss and the angled set is not ideal for my body.

I went back to the Inset II. Which is the 90 degree insertion with the inserter attached. Like this:

I liked it! Probably because it was very similar (although smaller) than my Quick Set which I loved so much on my Medtronic. I went with the 9mm length cannula (at this point if you're not a pumper you're like YAWN DONT EVEN CARE) because I am fat, thinking I would need as much depth as possible. However I have other friends who are the same size as me who use the 6mm and prefer that! SO my last order I tried the 6mm length even though the 9mm was working, because hey....3mm is a lot of length when we are talking about puncturing tissue.

When I first tried the 6mm it was on my butt-it worked fabulously. So I went with the second and third set on the same area (different sides). Last night I changed my let to my arm, and it hasn't been that great.

There could be many reasons for this:
1) the 6mm doesn't work as well in my arm.
2)I ate french fries yesterday and the carb overload is still doing its thing.
3)I just have a bad site that doesn't absorb as well as it should.
4)A unicorn took a glitter dump on the alien planet of Azkagiern at a quarter past 2 yesterday.

It's probably option 4, right?

Who knows.

Anyway, I am in this dilemma of should I change my set, or wait to see if it's the carbs? Should I go back to 9mm on my arms and keep 6mm for my butt? Should I eat breakfast even though my sugar is currently 169 mg/dcl/ 9.4 mmol/l? I wouldn't usually eat anything until my sugar is below 8.

My insurance only allows me so many sets every three months so I really HATE changing it before necessary in fear of having some rejects in the future. Oi vey.


I pulled my site and what do I see? Something that looks like the site was a bleeder, therefor proving it was just not absorbing! Fabulous. I love having answers.


  1. Alanna... any thought to doing a correction bolus via injection, then seeing where you go in the next few hours? Maybe it's just temporary absorption issues. Maybe not. I dunno. Good luck figuring it out.

  2. I ate a cheeseburger really late last night and have been fighting high blood sugars ever since (it's now 8:30 a.m. my time). It tasted so good though! ;-)