Friday, April 19, 2013

Love, Hope, Optimisim

I can't wrap my head around anything that has been happening since the Boston Marathon. The anger, the fear, the hatred that has to go through someone's head in order to blow other humans up.....the torture and anguish. Agh.

I just have this to say as I read through hate filled posts about those who did the bombing, and the news reports, and the speculation and just...the pain and loss everyone is feeling:

You can read more about Jack Layton and why I idolized him here.

I have the flu. I have had it for three days. I am not pleased. I feel tired and achey and have had next to no appetite. I have been running low and rebounding real high. I missed two days of work, but I had to go back today. I couldn't just lay around any more. It was a tough day. I ate my lunch and I broke out into a cold sweat and had to leave the lunch room for some fresh air and lightly sip my diet gingerale. I just want this bollocks to be done with! /whine

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