Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carb Counting

Last night I decided to break my no-deep-fried-food-for-awhile-because-your-stomach-hates-it streak and go out with a few friends to a local pub.

Normally when I go to a pub I will order a nice big salad with chicken and a big beer. I will feel totally satisfied especially if someone shares a few french fries with me! But last night I saw one beautiful thing on the menu. This item trumps everything for me. It's perfect. It's salty and crunchy, greasy and's deep fried pickles. When I see that on a menu I zero in on it. I want it. I wanted it, so I had it.

I upped my basal, pre-bolused for a wild guess of carbs and enjoyed it. I enjoyed every last bit of it. It's definitely not something that should be on a regular menu for anyone, but it's that once in awhile treat that you just cant deny yourself.

I had a great time chatting and everything was going well. I got picked up at the pub (since I had had a beer) and was on my way home when I felt weird. I wasn't wearing my Dxcom at the time so I thought the nausea was just my body's normal response to the greasy food and decided to let it pass. 30 mins later I noticed myself trying to focus on what was being said on the TV. I was trying to make words out.

I checked my blood and to my surprise (50 mg/dcl):

So I totally misjudged the carbs in that one!

Ah well, better luck next time. :) I regret nothing.


  1. Hm, good to know! Did you end up rising later?

    1. Kind of?

      By that I mean: At 3:20 am I woke up to an alarming pump that was out of insulin. So I checked and I was 9.4. However I should note that this is a fun new trend with my body that I have approximately two hours at night when my bg spikes like CRAZY (as in the 9.4 isn't huge versus the other night when it was 20.3!) and then comes down naturally to a nice 5-6 range when I wake. So I can't fully blame the greasy food.

  2. Hmm... fried food (specifically french fries - not pickles) are my evil temptation. I threw caution to the wind yesterday and had fries with lunch... my BG went sky high all afternoon, then after dinner it crashed... hard. Overtreating as always (while at my son's soccer practice), it went up high again, and has been hovering around the 200 mg/dl (11 mmol) range, where it is right now, 24 hours later.

    It happens to all of us... but I am regretting that choice. Usually my willpower is a bit stronger. Good for you for looking forward and not dwelling on the past.

  3. We all need some kind of x-ray vision to determine the carbs in something like that. The problem wasn't your bolus. It was lack of info. Glad it turned out okay in the end.

  4. I'm not even a huge pickle guy, but dang, that sounds good!