Saturday, April 20, 2013

23 Years

Today marks 23 years living with diabetes.

I almost forgot to be honest. I remembered as I was brushing my teeth to go out and simultaneously reading my twitter feed. The first thing I did was text my parents for a moment of mutual congratulations, then naturally I turned to social media to announce everything to everyone ever.

I remember when I was diagnosed I took one unit of Humulin N insulin and one unit or R or regular. Like these:

I remember rolling the insulin between my hands and making sure the cloudy insulin wasn't chunky.

These were state-of-the-art and cutting edge technology:

Here is a spread from my friend Lara's collection of pokers and meters over the years. My collection would be much the same. FYI those glucose tabs are from like...1995 also...that monojel was AWFUL. I hated that stuff. I always chose dextrosol. I would also like to mention that all of those lancets are a small drop in the bucket of lancets we collect. I mean..I don't think I have gone through that many in 23 years.

My meals were carefully constructed around the exchanges menu. I could have 1 fat, 1 protein, 1 starch and one fruit choice. Sometimes there would be a milk choice. Everything was very precise.

A lot has changed over the years. If you would have asked me, my family or my diabetic friends if we would be wearing completely portable device that gave us insulin that started to work in 15 minutes and we had the ability to control every drop of insulin that goes into our body I would have looked at you like you were nuts.

I have had a lot of cold medication. This may or may not make sense.

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  1. Happy 23rd!

    May I admit that I actually liked those white BD glucose tabs? :-)

  2. I remember those long pokers! Congrats, 23 years years is a great achievement!!

  3. This makes perfect sense. And that Monojel stuff was indeed awful -- and it had that green glow to it that made me swear it had some sort of nuclear or radioactive stuff in it. But it was cheaper and more compact than the BD Horse-Tablet Glucose-Tabs, so it's what I used. then after carrying it around so long, the foil began to rip, the radioactive gel started to leak, and it was so messy and sticky.

    Congrats on your 23rd!