Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day

In honour of international Women's Day I want to touch on something that really affects women living with diabetes, that is often unmentioned in discussions about effective control.


I know, men have hormones too, but from my understanding they don't have the massive swing like women do, especially women like me who are in their prime child-bearing years.

Only since I started wearing the Dexcom have I truly noticed that for one week of the month my blood sugars are so wildly unstable and unfixable that I require and entire 40% increase in my basal rates (maybe more! this is a WIP). That is a HUGE amount of insulin that I need to fight off whatever other hormones are surging through my body. I know I am not alone, I know I can't be. I have lots of female friends who go through this, right?!?

I won't get into a lot of personal details, but I noticed yesterday that I started having my typical PMS symptoms, and also my blood sugar was darn near impossible to get under 10. I ate almost entirely carb free all day and still was stuck around 10-12. I had a site change and everything. I dipped a few times to the 5-8 range but as soon as that happened my body reacted quickly and spiked me back up.

I always knew there was a bit of connection between that week for me and blood sugars, but having the Dexcom has provided insight for me that is invaluable. I know now that I need a second set of basal rates every 28ish I have to start charting that too?

Seriously, sometimes this is just too much work for my brain. Most of the time I am fine, but some days (like today!) I just want my body to function for itself. I am sick of doing the work of all of these organs! Geez.


  1. Alanna, I've heard about women keeping a separate set of basal rates for this week. Also, this is one of the algorithms they're trying to work out in Artificial Pancreas development. Great work on trying to stay below 10 though.

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