Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Costco: the worst place for a low

My blood sugar at supper time was 6.8. I ate an extra lean hamburger with all the fixins on a bun, bolused and swiftly left my house again to meet up with my friend at Costco. My Dexcom showed me a nice sideways arrow and I felt good, so I didn't even check again before pulling out of my driveway. (Even though I usually check my blood before I even start the ignition to my car these days.)

I live around 30 mins from...well everything, but specific to this post I live 30 mins from Costco. My friend was down from Cape Breton and needed a pal to go with her who has a membership, and we like our quality time together. She likes to escape her children for a few hours and I always love spending time with my old friends from childhood. Anyway.

As we were walking the aisles of boxes of 200 granola bars, 17L of pickles, economy mayonnaise and more I started to feel hungry. I thought it was bizarre since I had finished supper earlier, so I chalked it up to being surrounded by so many treats that I just don't eat.

Then it hit me. My legs felt...cold and my arms felt heavy. My head got a bit spinney and my friend was talking but her words were kind of...weird to me, my stomach gave flashes of nausea. I took a glance at my Dexcom and it said 100 even. Knowing there was a 5 minute-ish delay to the Dex, I popped a few honey drops in my mouth. I gave my friend a heads up and she nodded and we stood in the aisle admiring the 4 pack of 2L Ranch dressing choices. I checked my blood and it sang back to me that I was 3.4, my dex still read 89 so I knew I was dropping fast.

The spinning subsided and I popped my third honey drop in my mouth and we slowly lumbered on. The hunger phase of my low began. And it was...ravenous. We stopped at each sample booth trying granola bars, yogurts, puddings, chicken. I stopped in front of the pallets of juice and gazed. I thought THIS is Nirvana. I wanted to tear them all open, fill the aisle with sticky mango nectar and splash around in it.

I resisted this urge and had another honey drop as I felt myself levelling out. My Dexcom now read 95 with a slight arrow upwards. We carried on the rest of the trip, but as we walked away I glanced back at the juice aisle and smiled.

Costco is officially the worst place to have a low blood sugar. Stay strong Costco shoppers with diabetes, resist the urge.


  1. Oh man, that trip would have cost me a million dollars!

  2. HAHA- so- worse than a night time low, or better?

    1. I really can not answer that. Night time lows are in a world of their own for hunger!

  3. You are spot on... I would have gone for the ginormous bag of potato chips.

  4. Oh gosh, I can't even imagine what would end up in my cart had that happened to me!!

  5. I hate lows at Costco because of the sensory overload. My ears and eyes are so sensitive when I'm low. In costco I have been known to huddle in a corner with my ears plugged and eyes closed. TRUTH, I've done it.