Thursday, February 7, 2013

Popcorn and Cotton Candy

I am a strong advocate for people living with diabetes living the lives they choose. They can eat what they want, and treat how they want as long as they don't preach their way as gospel. I feel strongly about this.

I also feel strongly about cotton candy and movie theatre popcorn. Some may say that I feel equally strong about cotton candy and movie theatre popcorn as I do about individual rights and freedoms when it comes to diabetes self-care.

This is sort of what I look like when I am at a movie. What movie? Cotton Candy: get in my face!

So why did I set up this with that ramble?

I went to the movies on Saturday night with my girlfriend. (I have been meaning to write this post all week but have just gotten to it now due to feeling frazzled and disconnected. oh! disconnected irony! will see why my use of that irony is funny.)

So anyway I arrive to the theatres to meet my girlfriend around 30 mins before showtime. I had showered quickly about two hours previous and was REALLY excited to go to a movie. We saw Django Unchained for those who were wondering.

I don't go to the movies often. I had went for a good run with my dog that morning and didn't eat my supper that evening setting myself up for my supper of popcorn and sharing a bag of cotton candy with my friend. When I got to the theatre I noticed I was super thirsty. I chalked it up to having too much dressing on my salad earlier in the day. But to make sure I checked my dexcom and I saw 236 with double up arrows. I squinted my eyes to maybe see if it was 136 with double down arrows so I could sheepishly tell my friend I can't share my bag of cotton candy with her...but alas.

I corrected and ordered my popcorn, cotton candy..and damn I was still so thirsty so I upsized my already-too-big diet coke. We settled into our seats and I promptly dropped my entire bag of popcorn on the floor. This is of no shock to me or her, since she has been my best friend since we were 7. I sheepishly looked at her we exchanged a shrug and I went back to get it filled up again. As I rounded the corner I felt an INTENSE urge to go to the bathroom. Like....if I didn't pee within 3 minutes I would go in my pants.

My diabetes-bells were ringing now. My diet-coke-too-big-to-hold-with-one-hand was too far away and the bathroom couldn't be farther. I knew I was in trouble...THIS means I am high.
Approximate size of diet coke at movie theatres.

I went to the bathroom, and washed up. I checked my blood as i washed my hands and it read back the highest number I have seen in almost a year! 26.4 (475) My Dexcom now read 329 with double up arrows.

Charming. The red light on my ping meter started flashing as if to say "in case you weren't aware THIS IS BAD."

So I immediately felt my infusion site for wetness, and sure enough I was not plugged in. I had my pump on, but the set was completely disconnected. I fumbled a bit and gave a rage bolus of almost 3 times what the pump was telling me I needed.

I walked back to the treat counter and got my popcorn filled and looked at it longingly. I knew in that moment that I wouldn't be enjoying it until probably the next day.

So I got back in, leaned in and told my friend what was going on. She frowned at/for me and nudged my diet coke a bit closer. At least I had that. And boy did I ever. Usually I get a kids size pop and I am satisfied but this time I went through what must have been 2L in less than an hour. And I wanted more. I obsessively checked my Dexcom and had a few handfuls of popcorn as it told me I was 250 and had a down arrow almost 2 hours later (P.S that movie is LONG.) I didn't eat my portion of cotton candy until Sunday and Monday.

So yeah. People with diabetes can eat anything they want. Most of the time. Maybe some people would carry on and eat as they please and that's ok for them. But not me. I needed my insulin to have only one task and that was to take care of the glucose already in my system.

It totally sucked that night. Diabetes totally sucked.


  1. I have definitely delayed meals due to high blood sugars. I'm also in the camp of waiting until the number is more stable rather than piling food on top of an already high number. Sorry you couldn't enjoy your snacks at the movie!

  2. I know this isn't the point of your story, but do you ever feel odd ordering cotton candy and a Diet Coke? On the few times when I buy some sort of candy (maybe for legitimate reasons, maybe for indulgence) along with a diet drink, I look at the paradox of the two and it just feels... weird.

    1. I once got a happy meal from Mcdonalds. I saw the guy pour up regular instead of diet coke and I said to him: "Uhm can you spill that and make sure it's diet?" He said "What difference does it make?"

      I didn't even get into it with him I just told him that I asked for diet coke and I expect to get what I asked for.

  3. Oh man, that really sucks. I'm sorry.

    Though I have to say I seriously love that picture of the giant Diet Coke!

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