Friday, February 1, 2013

Lip-Smaki Bolus-Worthy

I have a confession.

I love sushi. Specifically I love maki rolls. You could roll up pencil shavings in rice and nori and I would sploosh it in salty soy sauce mixed with wasabi and enjoy it. I love the texture, the saltiness, the feeling of full I get from this type of fresh food. I just...I just love it ok?


But....that damn white rice. The carbs, oh the carbs. You think it's super healthy because it's not deep fried (What a world we live in that we assume if it is not fried/has veggies it is healthy?!) but friends....sushi is a carb load and a half.

My favourite roll happens to be the sweet potato roll. yeah...potatoes rolled in white rice...I will let you think about that one for a second.......ok done? yeah that's carbs. One day I, was at my favourite take out place, realizing I was going to have sushi and I asked if I could watch my sweet potato roll get made. the chef cheerfully agreed and I gazed in amazement as his fingers danced swiftly across the seaweed, ENTIRE fried sweet potato and approximate full cup of sticky rice.

I got dizzy for a second. For what I was once bolusing for maybe 30g of carbs (and ALWAYS spiking) was probably closer to 75g of carb.

So ever since that day it has been a struggle. For some reason white rice spikes me quickly and continues to spike me for about 5-6 hours after I eat it. I don't know if it's because of the slower digestion, the fact that there's usually avocado giving me a higher fat content or what...but it's just one of those foods that we as people with diabetes have to think: IS THIS BOLUS-WORTHY?

For me it is. It's my favourite. So yesterday I did a new test.

I got a california roll and an avocado roll. I bolused 1:7 for 90 carbs (since my avocado roll was seaweed out and that uses less rice). So I had 12.9 units to play with and a BG of 3.4 (61)

i do wish this was actually in front of me this second.
I decided to eat my avocado roll before starting my bolus to give my sugar time to stabilize and then it began. A 30:70 split bolus over 4.5 hours.

And it worked (kind of)!! At supper time last night (approximately 5 hours after I started this test) I was 6.4 (115).

I ate my supper and bolused regularly for that....but it may have stacked a bit since two hours after my supper I crashed and had a 3 hour resistant low which tool honey, 8 tabs, 1 juice box and two cookies slathered in peanut butter to correct. And naturally in the middle of the night I woke up and was 13.4 (241).

So It is not perfected, I have to remember to trust my IOB when I go to bolus so I don't stack my boluses. I guess I will try to do this again tonight....

Yes, I said tonight. I have dinner date with a friend and we are going for sushi.


  1. Awesome job! I am really excited to be able to play around with split bolusing once I start pumping. Sad that something like split bolusing is what gets me excited these days...

  2. Someone told me (I think!) that one individual roll is something like 10 carbs (I could be mistaken, so don't take my word for it!). It's a shame I didn't know that the last time I had sushi.

    It looks like so little, and I guess that's why I always under-bolus for it. But just because someone manages to smash a half-cup of rice into a half-tablespoon, that doesn't make it any less. You can't measure this rice like you can the "light-and-fluffy" type. And I haven't even thought about the sauces yet...

    Great job experimenting with the split boluses! I've been playing a lot with those lately, too. It's tricky to master (especially when starting out on the low end!)

  3. Cool post. Scott is right, it all looks like such a small amount of rice that you totally underestimate how many carbs are actually in it. Hope the experimenting is minimal and you get to continue to enjoy this without the ups and downs afterwards.

  4. We have been counting each piece of (seaweed out, about 1" diameter) avocado maki as 5g CHO. I never thought for a second to doubt it. Now I'll have to watch and see if the pizza effect also applies to avocado maki. It looks so innocent, so green.

    I'm with you on the sweet potato maki. Mmmm.