Tuesday, February 19, 2013

House Hunt

Alright, this sort of isn't about diabetes but more of a life update.

T and I have been thinking for around 6 months that we were ready to buy a house. I know it's not the norm to make such a huge investment before marriage, but we haven't exactly followed the social norms in our 3+ years.

We have been talking and saving, and getting our ducks in a row for months and months. We are now officially on the market. We were both feeling lost and unsure, then we met our mortgage specialist who helped guide us and ease our anxious minds. He guided us through the pre-approval and what our lives may look like after the house purchase (hint it's going to look pretty much the same since we are already paying out the ass for such a nice rental property.)

Then I tweeted that I wanted a non-shitty agent to work with. I interviewed 3 of them. 2 of them fed me bullshit, and they both said "they go the extra mile" which to me is a massive cliche statement and makes me want to vomir in their shoes. Then I got a tweet back from our current agent, Jeremiah He said something something something PUPPIES* and I was sold. (He donates to rescue does. Which naturally had me since my furball is a rescue)

T and I met him for our first appt and he put us at ease. He seems more like a friend than someone trying to sell us one of the biggest purchases of our lives. He puts things into perspective, helps us see past the horrifying decor of some homes, and helps us see past the shitty upgrades that can hide poor structure.

We commented on the way home that Jeremiah genuinely feels like someone we look at houses with and then should be going for wings and beer with after. I guess that is why he is successful.

Anyway, we found pretty much the ideal home for us on Sunday. We put an offer on it Monday and the offer was rejected due to another offer. It made me realize how difficult this process is going to be. I really fell for that house, so did T. We even imagined where our things were going to fit in. Anyway, the deal can still fall through on the inspection or funding but I definitely won't be holding my breath.

So yeah no diabetes in this post. More of an update on what has been consuming me. I am completely exhausted.


  1. House-hunting can be so tough, and it's hard to not get emotional about a particular place if it falls through ("House Hunters" on TV is so unrealistic - three choices and they reach a decision in 30 minutes? please!). I wish you lots of luck.

    It took a long time to end up with the house I'm in now. Oddly, it's the first house we put an offer on, an offer which got rejected until the sellers crawled back to us months later with a reasonable counteroffer. You never know...

  2. This is all very exciting!! Thanks for the update! House hunting can be so fun and yet so disappointing all at the same time. I tend to get my hopes up very easily when it comes to stuff like this. I hope you and T are in your very own home real soon!

  3. How exciting!!! And scary, I know. And yes, there will be some disappointments along the way. I bought my house all by myself, I fell in love with a few that didn't work out, it took a long time to finally find the right one. But in the end, you will be where you belong and the journey will be so worth it!! :) Can't wait to hear more and hopefully to see your brand new home very soon!!