Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Diabetes is Expensive

Picked up two of my four diabetes-related prescriptions today. And this isn't counting pump supplies. I am so thankful for private insurance reimbursements.

I get this money back. It sits on my credit card collecting interest for almost 30 days, but I get it back. I will see it again. There are so many people who do not have the amazing luxury I have . Also, it's totally cute that my pharmacy tells me all about insulin on the receipt :)

Oh and yes, I am switching back to my Ping remote from my iBGStar. I will tell you why later.


  1. Diabetes is extremely pricey. :(

  2. Ouch... and I have to order test strips soon.

  3. It sure is expensive. And it's scary that one of my first thoughts when I saw that you pay $327 (assuming Canadian, which is about US$332) for 400 strips is "Wow, that's a great price!"

    1. It is! I actually use one of the cheaper pharmacies (aside from Walmart and Costco) in the area for this very reason. Even with insurance I don't want to abuse the luxury.

  4. Oh yes, so darn expensive. Your post almost makes me want to try to figure out how much I've spent (or my parents, when I was younger) on d-supplies in the 33 years since my diagnosis. But I'm pretty sure I REALLY don't want to see that number.