Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The war of the sick 2013.

The stuffy nose, watery eyes, throbbing head, fiery throat. Aching so bad my teeth hurt, my hips creaked and no matter which way I squirmed I felt waves of soreness radiate over my body. 3 boxes of tissues, two boxes of Advil Cold and Flu, and one sick day used at work and I think I am winning this battle.

It was a valiant effort fought by my foe. It came on with great fury stealing my breath, appetite and ability to see straight. Its burning fever left me no choice but to spend a day sipping tea and compulsively checking my blood sugar between rounds of video games and episodes of The Office on Netflix.

But I am winning. The last soldiers are gasping for their last breath as I shoot them out my nose onto the sandpaper they call tissues, every time I wash my hands I laugh maniacally internally as I have won again.

Ok maybe that's a wee bit dramatic. But yeah, I had the cold/flu the past week. It was a bad one, but not the worst. I am just starting to get my head back. My sugars were low the entire time, which means I drank lots of juice which may have actually helped me fight the virus in the end.

T laughed at me as I came home with a flat of juice boxes from the Grocery store. However, he laughs no more as I have gone through 1/4 of them.

I know it's commonplace that blood sugars go high when sick but not me, my friends, not me. My 14 day average on my meter is 6.4 (121) and my Dexcom tells me it's somewhere around 89-90. As you can see...i was low.

So as I come out of this battle licking my wounds, I will be readjusting my basals and cringing at the thought of drinking another box of apple juice.

I did, however some how manage this graph last night. It's just beautiful. A work of art, really. (This was about 25 mins after I finished my 40g cho breakfast)

Can I get a what what for that flat line?

 what whaaaaaaat.


  1. Oh, I am so glad I'm not the only one! :) I just had my first round of illness after being diagnosed in July, and I was wondering why I had so many lows instead of the highs everyone was talking about! Thanks for the post!

  2. Haha! What a freaking entertaining post! Loved it! "What whaaaat!"