Friday, January 18, 2013

Talk to the hand

This is kind of me right now. Kind of.

So this weird thing has been happening with me lately. I check my blood before lunch which has been nice and stable all morning according to my Dexcom, it rings up between 5-7 (my target) and I sit down and eat a nice meal. I bolus as I am eating and then about 10 mins after I eat (so not enough time for my insulin to start) I plummet. I talked about a particularly bad day when this happened last week.

It hasn't been disorientating lately, but It has made me question how to go about making sure I don't crash as I am eating. This is absolutely silly to be honest. I hover 5-7 all morning and then BAM! my body is getting fed carbs so it crashes? It doesn't make medical sense. But really, what does with this disease?

Anyway. I ate. I guess I am not low now, my meter says 4.2, Dex says 78 with a sideways arrow. But yeah I have those 8 frickin units of insulin on board since you know I ATE MY LUNCH.

I need a nap.


  1. What happens if you delay your lunch?

    Sounds like some basal rate testing might be in order. I hate basal rate testing.

  2. Wait... how do you have a Dexcom if you're Canadian?

    1. I am a fucking magician.

      Also: a very wonderful friend sent me her old one. And a few other wonderful people have sold me some sensors.

    2. STILL jealous that you have a fancy CGM.
      How does Canada not have these, eh?