Friday, January 4, 2013

My Experiment: Does CGM affect my A1C?


I decided that I wanted to do an experiment. I had one test left on my A1C now Self-Check meter and I just started my Dexcom 12 days ago, so I figured I would give this a go.

My starting point for my A1C is 6.8 (! that's great for me, considering this time last year it was 8.5).

So after 3 months, will my A1C be lower?
What about my body weight?
Will my food choices change?

Let's start this journey. For the next three months I will be posting musings about my thoughts on what the CGM did for me that week.

I know that A1C is only a number and it really doesn't represent everything to do with diabetes care, but I think this may be important. Especially for when it eventually gets approved in Canada and I have to fight with my insurance to cover it ;)

(For non d-peeps: A1C is a measurement that can help a person with diabetes figure out what their average blood sugar has been in the past 2-3 months. The recommended number is below I am just under that.)


  1. Since I got my Dexcom my A1C has gone from 7.5 to a 6.9. I'll be interested in all your musings the next few months.

  2. I think this is a totally worthy experiment. Can't wait to see how it shakes out for you.

    And I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before, but has it been hard for you having to do math every time you look at the Dex? :-p

    1. Not really! I am very good at my 18 times tables now :) I just have to remember what my targets are. Thankfully when I worked at Clara Barton Camp in 2003 for the summer I got pretty accustomed to converting rapidly in my head.

      The hardest part is always my ISF, but I shouldn't correct according to my Dex reading anyway :)