Thursday, January 31, 2013

DSMA Blog Carnival:Striving for....

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New Year with Diabetes : Striving for _______ in 2013!

I am not making the normal fitness or A1C goals this year. My A1C is down to 6.3 (as per an A1C now test at Winter Slipstream) and that's right where I want it. I am still cycling and learning my limits and that won't stop.

Nope. My striving this year will be focused on thinking about myself, and not just Diabetes-wise. I spend a great deal of time reflecting on how my actions, words and thoughts may affect those around me. I stress out that I may be putting someone out more than I stress about my own well-being. This isn't a bragging post. I see that as a very undesirable personality trait.

Basically I want to stop caring more about how other people feel than about how I feel.

I think this is a totally reasonable goal. For example, I just turned the A/C up in my office space and didn't ask anyone because I am sweating to death! It's a small step, ok?


  1. I think that's a good goal.
    I've been trying to do that myself actually. It is an undesirable trait. If we focus too much on other people then we totally lose ourselves.
    If we lose ourselves then we become stressed and unhappy. if we become stressed and unhappy then we take it out on the people we were trying to please.
    vicious circle right?

    1. I tried to like your comment. We live in a Facebook world. I'm glad I came off clear in my post. It's hard to put into words that you want to be more of a jerk without sounding like a complete ass.

      There I go again! I need to stop worrying about what people think!

  2. Same here!! I have done so much for so many others that the stack of "ME TIME" stuff keeps getting taller and taller. Little steps, right? OK... I'm taking the remote control tonight! O:-D