Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweaty infusion set

Today my sugars have been hovering around 12-19 all day. Corrections, temp basals....nothing seemed to work. I replaced everything yesterday (cannula, tubing, cartridge, insulin) so I assumed it was all good.

Tonight I had 15g carb with supper and instead of my usual 1:10 ratio I have 1:5 plus a correction. 2 hours later my sugar is still climbing so I decided to pull my cannula.

This is what I saw (it was on my butt so I didn't see it up close until I pulled it)

It seems like some of the insulin wasn't going in all day? I guess? I have never seen this sort of insulin condensation on my infusion sets. It's definitely insulin, I wiped it with a q-tip to smell it and make sure.

Has anyone experienced this?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I've definitely experienced this, but not too often. Maybe the insulin was coming back up through the hole made by your cannula insertion. I don't know. Very frustrating though. Good decision to pull it and try again.