Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A minefield

Friends, I am ready to cry, nay I HAVE cried today. twice.

I am so frustrated. I don't know what to do. I need some advice.

My sugars have been off the charts for three days. I can't get them down. I am  battling with everything I have.

I have been through 4 infusion sets, 3 catridges, tubing, a new bottle of insulin, injections, and no matter what My sugar will NOT stay down.

I have had a +60% basal rate for two days. I drop sporadically but then I spike high again.

I feel exhausted. My eyes are burning, the tears are stringing from behind them.

I am not sick, I am quite average. I do have a little extra stress in my life, but certainly nothing crazy and nothing I haven't dealt with before. These sugars are adding to my stress. I am finding it hard to focus, and I just want something to give.

I feel like every single orange dot is a mine waiting to be stepped on.

My average blood sugar spiked to over 10 from the lovely 6.9 it was last week. This is NUTS. and I feel like CRAP.

Help? Ideas? Anyone?


  1. First of all, that sucks! And I'm sorry you're dealing with inexplicable crap- that's the worse kind. Is your fluid intake less? I was surprised- if I can drink more water, I seem to use less insulin. If it were me, I'd probably just pound it hard with a higher & longer basal, and call my endo if it goes on for 3 more days and I still can't figure it out. Good luck.

  2. I know you said you don't feel sick, but I would go and get checked for a UTI. I had unexplained high blood sugars for 48 hours and then I went in and got checked for a UTI. Test was positive and within 12 hours of being on antibiotics my numbers dropped right back into range. It could be that your body is fighting an infection, even if you don't feel sick.

  3. Oh man! I'm sorry. How miserable.

    I sometimes run high like that when my body is fighting something off, even if I feel totally fine. So, pretty much what Katie said. :-)

    And yeah, water intake is a good idea too. So, pretty much what Sarah said, too. :-)

  4. Also, part of my captcha challenge for this post was "offBleh." Seemed appropriate.