Tuesday, November 13, 2012

World Diabetes Day: Hope


Hope is that fleeting feeling that dances across your chest and mind when someone you care about looks at you just so.

Hope is that warm embrace from a friend you haven't seen in years.

Hope is your phone ringing.

Hope is what replaces fear when the diagnosis trauma wears off, when the burnout dies down, when the insulin kicks in, when the juice box gives you its last carbohydrate.

Hope is when the night sweats from a low blood sugar subside and you slip safely into a deep sleep.

Hope is what keeps us alive.

Hope is what keeps me alive.

World Diabetes Day provides us a symbol of hope that one day we will be able to say we were once living with diabetes. It provides a beacon for us who are drowning in corrections and glucose tablets and gives us the wind in our sails when we just don't want to care any more.

Diabetes Online Community, friends, family, loved ones: this is a call to arms. World Diabetes Day is our way to reach out to you and ask you to hold us up when we just can't do it ourselves. We are asking for you to come to our defense and sometimes offense when necessary.  Diabetes is hard, until there is a cure we need you.

Please celebrate World Diabetes Day, teach your co-worker, neighbour, friend, or cousin that diabetes affects everyone differently. All people with diabetes need from you is respect, not medical advice.

Interested in speaking with people living with diabetes living all around the world? Please join us for a chat on twitter under hashtag #WDDchat12. There will be moderators from all over the world, including me! For the schedule, please see here. 

You can log on to www.tweetchat.com and follow the hashtag #WDDchat12 any time between 7am and 11pm ATL tomorrow and watch the magic of the diabetes online community unfold.

I will be moderating from 9-10pm ATL under the username @theCANDOC

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