Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LifeoutsideD Part 2: Hector

**This post is part of an ongoing series about PWD's life outside of diabetes to show just how normal we can be (I use the term "normal" loosely). If you make a post about your life outside of D please use the hashtag on twitter #lifeoutsideD and I will be doing a round up. So far Jennifer of  Sweet Zoo has posted about her awesome daughter here 

Today I have forgotten to bolus twice. My sugars are around 180/10 and that sucks but at least I know why so I can fix it. Also note to self: don't forget to bolus, geez it's not that hard!

In my ongoing posts showing a little about my life outside of diabetes, let me present to you...my furbaby.

The guy in focus is Hectordog.
Hector is my dog. Well, he is mine and my boyfriend's dog (more on that guy later). He is a purebred (akllegedly) Redbone Coonhound. He has big floppy hears, and sad droopy eyes which he uses to his advantage. We adopted him last July from a local adoption agency that takes dogs out of emergency/ pro-kill shelters in the Unites States and brings them to Canada where they are less likely to be killed. 

Here is models a scarf I made for Cherise.

Hector is a really, really great dog. We knew when we first met him he was special. When we went to the adoption center he was running around, and when he was called he would jump up on the camp chair they had set out in the yard and sit pretty. I distinctly remember him coming over and putting his paws over my toes and bowing down in his play posture. 

Sunbathing after a bath

He really is adorable. He sleeps at my feet and cuddles with us all the time. I have never seen a dog that thrives on being super attached and lazy more in my life. He is totally in bliss either running around outside or laying on the couch...it doesn't matter as long as his people are around. 

Underage drinking, tsk tsk!

He makes us laugh every day. When we laugh he feeds off of it and does more silly things. He groans a lot in response to touch and words and expresses how he feels VERY clearly through body language and groans. Sometimes when he has been warm, we think his scent smells like corn pops. So I usually call him my little stink, Mr. Stinkerton, or corn pop.

Just maxin and relaxing

Lately he has started to pick up on my highs and lows. At night, on more than one occasion, he has woken me up and I have been low or high. Sometimes he will whine incessantly at me until I check my blood sugar if we are just hanging out and I will be low and not have felt it. He is really special to us. He gets us out walking or playing, he cuddles us, he makes us happy and yeah he can make us frustrated too.

I have never met a dog with a more ridiculous personality in my life. I just love this guy.


  1. He looks like a lot of fun! I'm guessing he also absolutely loves to have him tummy scratched?

  2. Dogs are so great!!! My boyfriend and I are looking to purchase a home in the spring and a dog will be the first thing we get!! Can't wait!

  3. Ok, that first picture is AWESOME!!! And he looks like one heck of a snuggler. :-)